Author: John Abbate  
Posted: 12.11.2002; 10:03:50
Topic: Question 2
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To Thomas and his answer 2/15: I think we have to properly define what we mean by "flow of data". By "the winning team" I was not referring to the strategies of both Microsoft and Apple, but to those advocating the free flow of data, if we take "data" to mean information generally. But clearly there are different kinds of data. The question of software (as data) and whether it is free or copyright seems to be a very specific issue, and this is presumably indicative of the sort of reterritorialisation you refer to. I can see the benefits of copyleft, and the dangers of monopoly control over software. There may be real problems associated with restricting the use and dissemination of certain types of data, like programs that run medical equipment, for example. In this, I do see "the general line."


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