Author: John Abbate  
Posted: 11.11.2002; 06:21:11
Topic: Question 2
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Thomas, I would question the assumption that a geographical deterritorialisation of the flow of data offers any inherent resistance to forms of ideological control and hegemony, or that reterritorialisation (through the erection of discursive borders) remains an impossibility so long as the lines of communication are open and legislators remain on-side with the community of net users. Are not and net-activism already serving the interests of Capital by providing novel modes of consumption that appeal to a target consumer group who buy computers, modems and cable connections? You are probably already familiar with this argument, but isn't the freedom to share information also an invitation to consume? I fear that data is the spice of Capital and it is in its interests that the spice continues to flow (to borrow a metaphor from Dune). You may be on the winning team.


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