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Posted: 04.11.2002; 19:48:52
Topic: Question 6
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Response to Michael Corris´answer 6/8:
Are you sure that the term pandemonium is not sometimes used in writings of A & L as a vanishing point or as an escape from problems which need proposals for solutions (see point one below)?
The last phrase of answer 6/7: I tried to differentiate the use of the term "pandemonium" first for a situation of chaos and for a given chaotic life-world (as a given external entity which resists conceptualizations or reconstructions) and second as a term for reconstructions which try to avoid the pitfalls of reductionism (reductions to a few postulates as axioms of one world which offer a base for deductions). Then you have alternative possibilities to reconstruct f. e. systems, their interpenetrations and networks instead of final mediations or a dominant system in a hierarchy of (sub-)systems. Only point two is relevant for me and I doubt if "pandemonium" is the best term because it implies (only for me?) the double meaning of point one and two. Thomas Dreher (


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