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Posted: 02.11.2002; 12:51:50
Topic: Question 3
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Is transgression an absolute category, If the avant-garde is an expert culture of transgressors, does this present a paradox? But expert cultures is perhaps too broad a category. Is this the same as Kuhnian normal science? Let's not oppose art and science in this way, as it distorts the history of science (removes the contingent, the amateur, the mistaken assumption that leads to a credible experimental result, the reconstruction of discovery, etc) as much as the history of art (purposeful purposelessness; anti-paradigmatic, "free", unrestrained, a desideratum for liberalism, etc.). The practical outcome of such an ideological split is that the dolts and dyslexics are shunted to art, while the bright boys and girls go to science. Nobel laureates collect art, while some artists jealously eye the prevalence of "scientistic" hegemonies. We must do better. Michael Corris (


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