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Posted: 19.09.2002; 18:56:07
Topic: Question 7
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To Michael Corris´ answer 7/6:
1.) Your example of a fake strategy is interesting, because it expresses problems with the present situation after 9-11. States are acting as spies for reasons of security with less or without regard of the rigths of privacy. No one can proof what they really do because they act secret. In such a situation fakes can direct the imagination to a hidden reality and the reactions of the fooled can express the reason of the fake.
2.) Concerning the concept of Baldwin/Ramsden for virtual (website) and real fakes (installation): Can´t fakes and interactive transformations present ways to open the closed block/oeuvre of A & L for interdependencies/intertextual relations which constituted A & L since the beginning?
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