Author: Michael Corris  
Posted: 17.09.2002; 12:03:05
Topic: Question 7
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To Thomas, Re: Your Answer, 7/5:

With respect to part 2. of your response: The fake or travesty still raises the hackles of the righteous. Apparently, a group in the US called recently transmitted a fake report on an equally fictitious Homeland Security Cultural Bureau. The report claimed that a public gallery in Philadelphia attached to an art school there was being closed because it exhibited work that was damaging to the anti-terrorist campaign of the government. It fooled some, who then decided it was time to draw the line. I thought that was good: the travesty provided the general irritant that provoked a kind of il-liberal discourse. Shame shame shame.

With respect to part 3. of your response: The Art & Language response to the Internet revolution seems a bit, well, late. Their new version of collaboration presupposes an entity called Art & Language. It's a model of collaboration at arms-length. Might we be more interested in something like the condensation of dark matter into nebulae, rather than the cosmic evolution of solar systems?


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