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Posted: 20.08.2002; 00:28:44
Topic: Question 6
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To Michael Corris´ Answer 6/1:
a.) Blurting in A & L online presents relations between blurts as coded links, that means, as links with a determined function which says how they were linked. There are discourses on Hypertext which call the texts within the open procedures of associative indexing (via nodes and links) performative (Schneider, Tina/Smoliar, Stephen W.: Signs, Links and the Semiotics of Hypertext. In: URL: Is it possible that a development of Blurting in A & L online into a collaborative Hypertext project (f. e. nic-las, URL: will present a combination between a certain kind of performance and function, or are the funtions of the links the chance for a certain kind of performance?
b.) I try to translate Jürgen Habermas´ summary of the conditions of discourse:
The discursive practice is based upon "the complete reversibility of all points of views which participants can choose for their (performance of) arguments; universality in the sense of an inclusion of all persons oncerned; finally, the reciprocity of an equal acknowledgement of every person involved by all other persons." (Habermas, Jürgen: Moralbewußtsein und kommunikatives Handeln. Frankfurt am Main 1983, S.133)
The points a. and b.: Are they useful for reflections on the conditions of "`performing´ rationality"?
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