Author: Michael Corris  
Posted: 13.08.2002; 12:05:41
Topic: Question 6
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Regarding the response to Question 6 by Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden, it seems that Indexing, unlike some other practices in Conceptual art that were strategically ranged against "institutional power", could hold out some sort of realistic promise of resistance. In terms of other similar responses generated by Conceptual art, it was far more complex. That complexity, however, was unsustainable and vulnerable. It's collapse was suprising, too, because of the way it taught some participants a real lesson about the persistence of power relations and the shape of power in a supposedly democratic environment. Not being inclined towards anarchism, Sartre has some expensive and apologetic things to say about the difference between power exercised in the name of a group and a powerful group.


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