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This is a very strange question. What is a "pluralistic art"? Is it an art that is simply constituted from many perspectives but somehow monolithic, or an art that is constituted severally from different perspectives and is always a set of fragments that reflect this? Can we introduce an idea like serviceability? The Art & Language indexing project raised no essentialistic questions as to the artisticness or lack of artisticness of the material processed. The discourse, chatter and noises off were the stuff out of which some sort of item serviceable as art was made. These materials were not at all monolithic in their aspiration a) to be art (some were, some weren't), and b) to be artistic discourse, just in case that is different from a). What, in any case, are the theoretical basics? There are certainly no foundations, just questions that go to a self-transforming discourse of art as distinct from creating horizons beneath which it is consumed. Michael Baldwin/Mel Ramsden(


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