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Digital Guqin research-creation studio

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Welcome to the Digital Guqin Studio


Who are we? What do we do?

Serious about having fun with the Guqin, while promoting Guqin

and guqin culture, authentic Chinese music, experimenting with

music instrument, text and images, environmental conditions for

enjoyment of this music, we want to :

A/ to preserve, promote and develop the art and culture of the

Guqin and 3000 year heritage of humanity, and

B/ develop contemporary music proper to our own time which maybe

exploring parallel paths, extending new lineages for the guqin.

In our creations, we compose delicate nuanced sound tableaux for

our contemporary listening pleasure by including other sounds.

We aim for subtle contrasts and variety to fully bring out the

enjoyment of the rich timbred music of the guqin reflecting colors

and brightness proper to our own world

C/ create an accessible sexy, fun guqin culture deploying

currently available art and technology, not necessarily the latest

technology but rather the most commonly available technology - for

example our work is on PC which is more affordable than Apple.

I like the elegant design of linex, which is free, so maybe later a

version on linex.


Shuen-git Chow ( Dr. Arts and Sciences of Art, University of Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne, visual artist)

and team 2003-present:

Teo Kheng Chong (guqin player, musician, Professor at Academy of Performance Arts, Hong Kong)

Wang Duo (Master guqin player, musician, Professor and Research

Head of Wu Sheng Qin She Research Centre, Suzhou Science and

Technology University, PRC)

Etienne Durand (software developper, freelance, Paris)



Co-presented by:

Shanghai DOLAND Museum of Modern Art

The Art Museum of Zhu Qi Zhan

Digital Guqin + fly me to the moon

15-31 Oct.05 extended till 7 November.2005




Digital Guqin + fly me to the moon

Zhu Qi-Zhan Art Museum,

580 Ou Yang Rd., Shanghai, China.

-tel:86-21-56710743 tel: 65876901.

Shuen-git Chow: lecture, digital guqin live demo

Wang Duo: guqin demo

18 Oct.05, 14h00


Opening of exhibition : 18 Oct.05, 18h00-

Exhibition: 15 oct.05-31Oct.05

1- Digital guqin live demo

2- 2 Guqin designs, 1 mini practice guqin

3- Fly me to the Moon, monumental walk in musical sculpture installation

4- Fly me to the Moon, soft sculpture, hotair balloon

surprise guests :





Lecture and concert program :

Master Guqin Player Professor Wang Duo :

Doland Contemporary Art Museum

18h00, 22 Oct.05


Panoramic invitation card:

s: 83mmx25mm

l: 166mmx50mm



Fly me to the Moon (fei fei zhao yue) :

a flying sculpture showcasing Flowers from earth.

Introduction :

The Voyager spaceship in 1977 carried a golden disc,

"murmurs of the earth" a collection of earth sounds,

music, words, culture of the earth.

It has flown very high, now outside of the solar system

in search of readers of extraterrestial intelligent beings.

Here, The fly me to the moon

(fei fei zhao yue) a flying sculpture - is an

ancient hot air balloon form, tested and proven that it flies

and likely to have flown in ancient times in Peru the

balloon itself carries on an Intangible Cultural Heritage

of aviators, expression and vehicle of an archaic

human dream of flying. Like the Voyager space vessel

made by NASA, fly me to the moon

(fei fei zhao yue) also carries information of this

earth, specifically Intangible Cultural Heritage images,

and RFID tags, they are linked to extensive bodies of

blogs on earth supported by examples of human

collective efforts of story telling in blogs and the wikipedia

intended first and foremost for intelligent terrestials

readers of our earth. Our balloon would be flying at a

height for human eyes and not designed for extraterrestials.

There are 400 circular vignettes of 1.3m diameter and

4 large vignettes of 13m diameter. Each vignette carries

a visual and electronic identity which are linked to earth

via the web.

For now, I have put giant flowers as a generic universal

symbol of culture for human enjoyment. These flowers

will be replaced by more specific symbols which represent

respective Intangible cultural heritages as time goes on.

The balloon would be flown on auspicious days, decided by

individual people, or groups of people - for example, during

a festive occasion for celebration.




Musicacoustica Mix, Beijing, 21-30 Oct.05

The Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC) and the China Electronic Music Center (CEMC)

based at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, annual conference Events organised by Zhang XiaoFu, Kenneth Fields (CEMC):

1/ Introduction of The Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC) and the China Electronic Music Center (CEMC) (word file)

2/ Presentation (pdf) to be confirmed


Digital Guqin Interactive Arts Research-Creation Studio

Creation of a digital guqin instrument, and digital guqin visual

interactive graphics to music play object using samplings.

An on-going work headed by Shuen-git Chow, begun in 2000. A small group

formed in 2003 for experimentations with guqin music/samplings as

manipulable material through visual handles and triggering device.

Started by a visual artist, members include 2 master guqin players,

and a software developer. Deploying Digital art work as interface,

samplings of guqin music are recorded and recalled through triggers

following specific designed musical rules set by guqin musicians.

Non guqin players could thus generate new guqin music through

playing with the graphics. The idea is to give access to rich

timbred guqin sound/music for an audience who could be reached

beyond standard passive listening. It is designed as an visual+

aural introduction to listening for non-guqin players, and non-

Chinese readers.


On going site covering our activities :

1/ live demos, conferences, research

2/ exhibitions, visual art installation with Digital Guqin music

3/ documentaries of Guqin players, guqin culture, guqin related physical space, and others.

4/ experiments : virtual guqin - using software (Modalys by Ircam)

5/ press: other peoples texts, theories


list of documentaries:

i) master players - (full list to come)

ii) children players - (full list to come)

iii) foreign improvisational playing using guqin playing techniques (coming)

iv) guqin song/ (qin ge, list coming)

v) making of guqin instrument (coming)

vi) making of guqin silk string (coming)

vii) scientific testing of vibration/resonance properties of an instrument (coming)

viii) experiments : virtual guqin - using software (Modalys by Ircam) (coming)

ix) guqin music environment, gardens, homes, sculptures, public spaces, all categories mixed (coming)

x) attendance/press Interactive arts events:


links to Digital art and culture, events, press reports

Festival Emergences, Paris, 24Sept-2Oct.05

Maison de la Villette, Ircam, Ars Longa, Confluences

ichim 05, DIGITAL CULTURE & HERITAGE, Interactive installations, 21-23 Sept.05

Bibliotheque Nationale, Cite Universitaire, Paris, France (docu video) as journalist

video filmed/interviewed:

1/ Ted Nelson : zigzag, transliterature, transcopyright

2/ Steve Mayer: inventer of Pong, Atari

Video game panel: museum of video game in Berlin

3/ Sony music prototype - an software capable of "replying" musically

4/ weblog as archive

5/ Peter Samis : SF Moma - presented using Simpsons cartoon clip - v gd museum presentation

ars electronica 2005, 1-6 Sept.05, Linz, Austria (docu video), as journalist

1/ Toshio Iwai 's+ Yamaha's new Tenori-on

2/ Used clothing, Martin Maringer RFID

3/ Elves, small electronic sound devices

4/ Small revolts, knitting website

5/ Danube evening live cinema extravaganza, with fighter planes,firework, dancing girls, cranes, bridges w cars

6/ Daniel Lee 's photo/fine art work

7/ blanket robot

Digital Silk Roads intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Nara, 2003, as attendee

1/ special guqin w ivory inlaid

2/ Unesco policies

3/ Louvre big camera

Isea, Nagoya 2002, as attendee

video documentary 2 hrs.

1/ various interactive art installations

2/ outdoor garden

International Dapu Conference(Guqin), Changshu, PRC, 2000, as participant

presented and announced the conception of the "Digital Guqin Project" as Interactive art on dvd idea, a call for Guqin player participation.

video filmed guqin players and private concerts



Pre-history : from MIDIguqin to Digital Guqin

collaborator: Professor Chen Changlin, Beijing, PRC, 2002

1/ MIDI Guqin Story

2/ The recognition and playing of digitised Guqin scores and the MIDIguqin

3/ "Promotion and development of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, case 1: The guqin", Beijing, Dec.2002

Live demo of "MIDIguqin" and paper presentation

Video documentary and publication


bibliography, links

-David Weinberger, "When things Arent what they are.",

Hybrid living in Paradox, ars electronica catalogue,p76-78, Hatje Cantz, 2005

On differences of "knowledge" as classification of what we know in the age of the web as opposed to pre-digital age.

wikipedia on guqin : communal encyclopaedia

Excellent information on Guqin by John Thompson

rare book digitization in Taiwan

Paper: Analysis and Synthesis of the Guqin

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